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Rectifier power supply for brush plating, constant voltage power supply with ampere metering function

The main parameters: Input 220V, output 0-15V, 0-75A,

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The main parameters:

Input 220V, output 0-15V, 0-75A,

The main function:

1. One-key switch between positive and negative current

2. Ammeter with alarm function. It is convenient to calculate the coating thickness during brush plating.

3. It has cooling fan and overheat protection function.
Usage: For brush plating or selective plating nickel,copper,chrome,cadmium etc.

Power supply function and instructions

1) General functions

1. Output polarity switching

The output polarity switching key is used to change the polarity of the output terminal of the power supply. When the polarity conversion switch is turned to "Positive", the red terminal of the power output terminal outputs a high potential (+), and the black terminal outputs a low potential (-). Turn the polarity conversion dial to "Reverse", the red terminal of the power output terminal outputs a low potential (-), and the black terminal outputs a high potential (+).

2. Voltage regulation

1.     The knob is used to adjust the output voltage, and the voltage adjustment range is 0~20V. Turn the "Output Adj." knob clockwise to increase the output voltage; turn the "Output Adj." knob counterclockwise to decrease the output voltage.

2.     Note: In the non-working state, it is recommended to adjust the output voltage to the minimum (0V) to prevent the workpiece from being burned when the output end is short-circuited.

3. Power Indicator

The "Power" light shows the on-state of the power input terminal (220V). Connect the power supply input terminal, the "Power" indicator light is on (see the rear panel description for details).

4. Voltage display

In the state of DC output (power output dial pointing to "Start"), the "Voltage" window displays the voltage value (V) of the DC output. Turn the “Output Adj.” knob, and the output voltage will change accordingly.

5. Current display

The "Current" window displays the current value (A) flowing through the circuit during brush plating. When the external load is open, the "Current" window will display "0" regardless of the value of the output voltage.

Note: In the brush plating process, current is the dependent variable. Its value is related to factors such as operating voltage, bath characteristics, bath temperature, bath supply, anode size, and relative movement speed.

7. DC output terminal. Normally, the red binding post outputs high potential, and the black binding post outputs low potential.

8. The external input switch on the rear panel is used to switch on the 220V/50Hz (or 60Hz) AC power, push up (close) the switch to switch on the external 220V AC input. Pull down (off) the switch to disconnect the external AC input. In the disabled state, the external AC input should be disconnected to prevent electric shock.

9. After the external AC input is connected, the power supply is in the standby state (the fan rotates and the display window lights up). At this time, the power output and control parameters can be set and adjusted on the front