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Coal mine machinery repair by brush plating

作者:创始人 日期:2023-06-27 人气:1825

I. Coal shearer, roadheader repair

We can repair the wear of the bearing on the rocker arm of the coal mining machine on site, as well as the scratches, wear and chrome plating on the hydraulic piston rod of the roadheader.

II. Repair of hydraulic prop/bracket.

The hydraulic prop is an important coal mine underground equipment, which directly affects the safe production of the coal mine. The working environment of the hydraulic prop is harsh, and corrosion and chrome layer peeling often occur, requiring regular maintenance.

Whether it is a single hydraulic prop or a hydraulic support, the number is particularly large, and the maintenance task is arduous. The repair method of brush plating can reduce the maintenance cost.

The advantages of repairing hydraulic props by brush plating are as follows: 1. The local repair effect on the chrome-plated surface is particularly good. There is a small area of corrosion on the surface of a hydraulic prop, and there is no need for overall chrome removal. It can be directly repaired by brush plating without resorting to Machining can be used.

2. Save transportation costs and repair costs. For inland Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places that lack electroplating factories, this technology can be vigorously induced. 3. The repair quality is high, the anti-corrosion and wear resistance are good, and the use effect can reach the effect of new products.

Whether it is to solve existing repair problems or to build new repair projects, the majority of coal mine machinery repair factories are worthy of an in-depth understanding of brush plating repair technology. In addition, the journal repair of other rotating equipment such as coal crushers can also be repaired by brush plating. Solution. Compared with laser cladding, thermal spraying and other processes, the cost and cost performance of a set of brush plating repair equipment are extremely advantageous.

We can provide brush plating solutions for coal mine mechanical repairs, and can demonstrate and train you on site.