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Brush Plating Cadmium

The process of brush cadmium is Electrocleaning-- clean with water-- brush cadmium.

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Electroplated cadmium is a strong and versatile metal coating. Cadmium is a soft white metal that, when plated on steel, cast iron, malleable iron, copper and powdered metals, acts as a "sacrificial coating" that corrodes before the substrate.

Aircraft parts, including propellers, can be cadmium-plated in electroplating factories. However, some large parts, such as landing gear and propellers, need to be repaired on-site. The method of on-site brush cadmium plating can solve this problem.

Our company adopts cyanide-free, low-hydrogen embrittlement cadmium brush plating technology, and cooperates with the coating thickness monitoring brush plating machine to realize local brush plating of cadmium on site, repair the cadmium plating layer of aircraft propellers and landing gear, and passivate chromate , enhance the anti-corrosion effect.

The process of brush cadmium is  Electrocleaning-- clean with water-- brush cadmium-Chromate passivation
If you have needs for brush plating aerospace products, please contact us. We can supply you with equipment and materials for cadmium brush plating and provide solutions.