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Xian View Creative Metal Surfaceing Co., Ltd. is a new technology company integrating sales of smart brush plating equipment and on-site construction and repair of large industrial equipment. The company is committed to using brush plating methods to solve metal surface strengthening, anti-corrosion, size restoration and engineering equipment remanufacturing. The application areas cover: manned spaceflight, launch vehicle, national defense equipment, biological engineering, pharmaceutical industry, power and electronic electrolysis industry, printing machinery, papermaking machinery, steel industry, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, metallurgical machinery, power plant equipment, general machinery, Coal mine equipment, antique technology, hydraulic equipment. Our factory is located in Xi'an, China, we manufacture brush plating power supplies, chemical solutions, brush plating accessories, metal surface treatment products, etc.
We can supply the cool welding machine ,brush plating equipments including chemicals and anode.  Our brush plating chemicals include Tin brush plating,zine brush plating,copper brush plating,nickel brush plating,cobalt brush plating, silver/gold/cadmium selective plating.

We can also make plan for your repair or come to your's to service for you on line since we have mo than 10 years for Maintenance of large industrial equipment such as large hydraulic cylinder rodrepair, thermal power turbine rotor repair, wind turbine shaft repair and so on.

These devices do not need to be dismantled and sent to the repair shop, we can repair them for you on site by brush plating or cool welding.